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"Intuition is the soul guiding you the way."

The Golden Rule

No matter what religion you follow, at the very core they all essentially say the same thing.
To be kind to one another - The Golden Rule ...

"Just as I am so are they, just as they are so am I."
"Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful."
"One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself."

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." - Judaism
"Whatsoever ye would that others should do to you, do ye even so to them." - Jesus
"As you would have people do to you, do to them; and what you dislike to be done to you, don't do to them." - Islam

We are all connected, to all life everywhere.

Whether it be by a 'god' ... 'collective consciousness' ... or 'your chosen faith'.
That homeless person that you pass in the street, they are a part of you, you are a part of them ... hence by helping them you are also helping yourself.

We are all but beings of light (or god or your religious deity).

We are all one and the same.

No matter what our cultural diversity, nationality, race, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, body shape, financial wealth, 'royal blood', other differences ...


What if
... what we perceive as reality is not actually reality at all?
... it is simply what our mind's eye has led us to believe?
... there is something way beyond what we consider life to be.

What if
... life is just like an iceberg - we only see/perceive a very small percent.
... there is soooo much more hidden just below the surface we cannot see or comprehend.
... the spiritual realm - like a veil, it can be lifted and peered through.

What if
... it is not just 'the mystics' or 'psychics' that can access this unfamiliar landscape.
... everyone has the power within to 'connect' with this other world.
... we have lost touch (or knowledge) with how to do this, yet it has always been inside us.


Many cultures believe that dreams allow us to connect with another realm. Many of the great poets, philosophers and scientists in history had their big 'lightbulb' moment come to them in a dream.
Neurologists have shown that during a part of the sleep state, our brains produce the same brainwave patterns as that of yogis & monks during meditation and trance states. Sigmund Freud dedicated much of his work to studying dreams and how they are related to the unconscious (soul) mind.
The article Astral Sense (found on the astral-plane page) certainly sheds some light on this matter, as to how the 'dream life' is entwined with our 'waking life' and the connections to the deeper meanings found within.

Western medicine/science

It is long overdue that they stop having narrow-minded views, science can't answer everything! What I am talking about here is alternative therapy - which also includes praying in a religious manner when someone is sick or in hospital.
It was in the 'Medical Journal of Australia' (march 2012) that it was said, that these tangents are merely pseudoscience and have no place to be along aside traditional medicine.
Also mentioned in the article (the ex AMA president) said, to have this view is an insult to many eastern countries where such practices are integrated into the overall health care of the patient.

Different purposes between two minds - dualism etc

What I am talking about here, is the stated difference between the two, whether you wish to call it local/remote, conscious/unconscious, mind/soul, mind/spirit, etc.
The two seem to have vastly different desires/purposes in life.

The local mind seems to be mainly concerned with survival and short term fulfilment.
Once that is achieved, then the door seems to open up to what the 'remote mind' (soul) wishes to achieve in life - ie. charity work, helping others/environment, a talented world class musician or even a high profile athlete.

This also hints at the question ...
does the soul have a purpose, as to why it incarnated in the current body/form???
further reading : What the heck is my soul purpose?

In regards to elite sports athletes, you often hear the phrase ...

it's as if they were born to excel at this sport, as if it was "meant to be".

Perhaps these people followed their true soul path, and followed what their own soul had planned to do prior to incarnating in physical form? Worth noting, it is possible to overrule parts or all of your soul plan - this comes down to choice and free-will.

Environment for the future - conservation and sustainability

Religion aside for a second, looking after the environment is often a topic where we can all come together and have a general understanding - it is important. While our personal ('local mind') footprints may be brief, surely we need to shape a better life for 'tomorrow' and for those that come after us.

Common (western) view : is leaving a workable environment/planet for our (grand/)children.
Some other views, eastern + scientology included : we are working on achieving a better planet/life, views & values for the spirits and souls of tomorrow - which could very well include our own spirit/soul if it decides to reincarnate.

Either way - doing your bit for the environment is important.

Various Links

Spiritual Forums - online spiritual discussion community.
Philosophy Forums - theoretical discussion : intelligent reasoning to support various views.
Kindred Spirit Magazine - articles on : astrology, angels, divination, meditation/healing, etc.
Psychic Experiences - information + discussion + personal accounts of happenings.
EmpathGuide - an indepth look into the personality trait of an 'empath'.

Quantum Consciousness - scientific perspective.
Monroe Institute - NFP organisation studying the exploration of human consciousness.
ABC religion section - balanced and fair. Includes regular 720am radio talkback podcasts.
Spiritual ... But Not Religious - very informative blog.
Astral Voyage - general site (covers psychics, projection, new age, spirituality, etc).
Physics Intuition Applications - covers intuition + consciousness (science perspective).
Oprah's LifeClass - lessons in understanding yourself and others.
Dr. Brian Cox - collaborate with fate : mechanism of astrology.
The Difference Between Soul, Spirit and Higher Self - Michael Roads.

Neurosky - a device that uses mental thoughts/telepathy/EEG to control computer software and games. Also an article describing use during meditation. Another article on possible use for children with autism. Also a thought-controlled exoskeleton for paraplegics.
Since this device has become available, there have also been successful brain-to-brain experiments VIA the internet (using EEG) whereby, one person knows what another is thinking ... one person mentally thinks it, and a remote person receives the signals within their own brain (using EEG sensors/actuators - with no actual wires inside brain or surgery involved) ... ok, ok - it's still early days, but just imagine the potential.

Jonathan Cainer's website - a leading UK astrologer also a short biography.
Yasmin Boland's website - an Australian astrologer, moonology expert and New Age writer.
A blogger's skype interview - with Jonathan 2011.
Yasmin Boland : a chat with Jonathan Cainer - how Astrology ties in with Law of Attraction.

Perth Support/Meetup Groups

Wings of Ascension

YouTube clips

Qi Gong master puts animals in a trance, to sleep using Chi | Stan Lee : superhuman.
Deepak Chopra | defining our spirit - Oprah's Lifeclass | Oprah Winfrey network.
The Rabbit Hole | What is consciousness? - explanation + animation | Deepak Chopra.
The Rabbit Hole | Who is god? - Deepak Chopra.
The Rabbit Hole | Are we alone? - Deepak Chopra.
The Rabbit Hole | Beyond the matrix - Deepak Chopra.
The Rabbit Hole | Death and rebirth - Deepak Chopra.
Oprah's Lifeclass | we all lead spiritual lives - Oprah Winfrey network.
Through The Wormhole | series - with Morgan Freeman.

Thought-Inspiring Movies

The Human Experience - 2008 documentary.
What the Bleep Do We Know!? - 2004 documentary.
Heaven Is For Real - 2014. based on a true story, told from a christian perspective. a child has an NDE and experiences 'heaven'. the movie opens people's minds to the unseen.
Aya Awakenings - a journey of shamanic discovery. 2014.
The Celestine Prophecy - powerful to watch. covers spiritual insights + synchronicities.


The Book of Life - ascension and the divine world order - by Michael Sharp.
The Astral World - by Swami Panchadasi.
The Empath's Guidebook - how to gain better use of 'feeling' other people's vibrations.
The Science Of The Soul - by Geoffrey Falk (published 2004)
Quantum Soul - scientific hypothesis, pub 2011. (courtesy of quantumconsciousness.org)
Awakening Your Soul - by Fred Alan Wolf, PH.D (published 2000).
The Rosicrucian Mysteries - by Max Heindel (first published 1911).
Evolving Consciousness, Soul Astrology and The Aquarian Age - a 2010 feature article.
Soul Growth Files Repository - contains more reading material.

Twitter Updates

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"we are all spiritual beings having a human experience" - Oprah.
"some people come in your life as blessings. some come in your life as lessons" - Mother Teresa.
"if thoughts can do that to water, imagine what our thoughts can do to us" - Dr. Masaru Emoto.

"I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It's just that the translations have gone wrong." - John Lennon.

"Most people are so stuck in their egos that everything revolves around me, me, and more me. But if you want to be rich in the truest sense of the word, it can't only be about you. It has to include adding value to other people's lives." - T. Harv Eker.

Soul Tree
[Image Copyright : artist Brenda Ferrimani]

I've had some unusual happenings in my life thus far, and as such have sought out on a quest for knowledge.

Knowledge through reading

Detailed below are books that I have read, parts of which I can relate my own life to and as such, started me on a journey into trying to understand some of the great mysteries of the universe. I recommend these books as reading material that may help others on their own spiritual journey :

Journey Of Souls - Michael Newton Phd.
We Don't Die : conversations with the other side - George Anderson
The Secret Of The Soul - William Buhlman
The Great Field : soul at play in a conscious universe - John James
A Complete Guide To The Soul - Patrick Harpur
The Secret Tradition Of The Soul - Patrick Harpur
The Conscious Universe - Dean Radin
The Self Aware Universe - Amit Goswami
The Out Of Body Experience - Anthony Peake
Is There Life After Death? - Anthony Peake
Super Consciousness - Colin Wilson
The Bond - Lynne McTaggart
The Daemon - Anthony Peake
The Spontaneous Healing Of Belief - Gregg Braden

Books on my future reading list :

The Timeless Love of Twin Souls - Janet Kay Darling
The Soulmate Myth - Judy Hall
Light Is the New Black : guide to answering soul's callings - Rebecca Campbell
The Wave : a journey into heart and mind of the cosmos - Jude Currivan PhD
Spiritual Growth : being your higher self - Sanaya Roman
The Circle of Light & The Philosopher - Georgia Jean Jefferson Viscardi
Psychic Kids - Sue Bishop
The Book Of Why - Judy Hall
Earth Angels - Doreen Virtue
Ascending into Miracles - Jennifer Hoffman
Infinite Quest - John Edward
Life After Death: The Burden of Proof - Deepak Chopra
There Are No Accidents: Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives - R Hopcke
The Holographic Universe - Michael Talbot
Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind
On Atlantis - Edgar Cayce
Understanding Karmic Complexes - Patricia Walsh
Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose - Sonia Choquette
The Magic of the Aura - Billy Roberts
The Complete Ascension Manual - Joshua David Stone
From Soul to Soulmate: bridges from near-death experience wisdom
Infinite Mind : Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness - Dr. V. Hunt
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ - Levi
The Aquarian Empath - Irma Kaye Sawyer
Only Love Is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited - Dr. Brian Weiss
Dreamways of the Iroquois - Robert Moss

No matter what religion you follow, there is sure to be some 'ahah' moments when reading these books.

My Faith

As to my religion, I'm spiritual but not religious. I tend to have an esoteric view, yet subscribe to no exact faith. Taking little pieces from many beliefs to mould my own view.
The philosophy of panpsychism also seems to gel with me, as it fits in with my belief that 'the universe is conscious' and as such, 'is similar to a living entity' or has a (collective?) soul.

"The beating of a butterfly's wings in one part of the world can send ripples throughout the universe, and may cause a hurricane in another part of the world."
... imagine, what effect collective positive thought/prayer could do?

I believe that no single religion currently holds all the answers, but religion is all about what the individual believes in (subjective experience). We only need to turn to NDE's (near death experiences), to see how this is true and why what constitutes 'the afterlife' can get so confusing.

It is very important to remember to "make your own way up the mountain".

He/she who blindly follows the path of another never truly discovers the meaning of life - it is along this very journey that we find true meaning ... and ultimately, come to be enlightened.

Soul Growth

Age of Aquarius

Some scholars/theologists say that this happened in the 60's/70's ... but my belief is that even though it will be a gradual change, we are now only just on the cusp of this (which will be over several decades). This period has also sometimes been referenced as "the golden age".

We only need to look at the scientific discovery of the 'Higgs Boson' (god particle) and the recent 2014 discovery regarding cosmic inflation to see that this 'new age' is already occuring - even if people may not exactly reference it as this.

Humanity is rethinking the ways in which it perceives the world to truly be. Perhaps past models of the world-view weren't 100% accurate. Maybe, at the time - it was the best interpretation that humanity could fathom.

But did that world-view comprise of the complete scope of everything that there is to know?
Is there a margin of uncertainty as to how life/universe exists?

As humans - the older we are, the more wisdom and knowledge we impart (generally speaking) ... can the same thing be said for humanity as a whole? Which brings about this whole 'New Age' idea ... does the same world-view from previous generations (essentially going back 1000's of years) still hold up in today's new knowledge and breakthroughs?

This will be a new age (similar to stone/bronze/iron ages) - a clearly marked change in humanity : a time where we as humans, have a greater understanding of the universe, life and our very existence.

Discussions will increase as to that of a soul truly existing.

It will also incorporate astrology/horoscopes + psychic mediums + new age + eastern philosophy ... and as such they will start to become something more mainstream and accepted by western society.

There'll be a huge shift in terms of religion - many people will flock back to the church and become 'sunday mass' worshippers, yet at the same time ... all this will challenge every major religion.

Papers on psychology will be re-written, those that have spent many years at university will be questioning everything they have ever learnt.

Mental health care will change : psych doctors will take a more holistic approach, treating the patient's mind/body/soul - not just doping them up to their eyeballs on pharmaceutical drugs. Social workers and 'alternative therapy' will be more valued.

The abortion debate will be revisited - at what exact stage does a spirit/soul join with a fetus? At ~49 days into gestation when the pineal gland ascends to the brain area? This is also roughly when modern society legally considers the fetus to be a living human.
(Many eastern/early cultures believe that the pineal gland is what links us/humans to the spiritual/psychic world, it is the key, no wonder it is nicknamed 'the third eye'... it is also the part of the brain that becomes most active in the very moments right before you die, flooding the brain with DMT - a psychoactive/psychedelic chemical compound).

The definition of exactly when a person dies will be examined ... is this when a soul decides not to stay connected/joined with it's physical body anymore?
Currently, when a person is termed 'brain dead' a person can still blush, sweat, urinate and control some bodily functions (perhaps this is because of a soul?).
Which then raises the issue of organ donation (how can doctors transplant an organ if the donor is still 'alive'?) abc.net.au : defining death indepth discussion.
An ethical question - needing sensitivity, and ultimately lies with the individual.

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Science News : demystifying the mind - theory doesn't limit consciousness to brain - 10.3.12
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